The Walking Dead panelists discuss how the Whisperers live

Ryan Hurst as Beta, Matt Lintz as Henry, Samantha Morton as Alpha, Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Ryan Hurst as Beta, Matt Lintz as Henry, Samantha Morton as Alpha, Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Henry’s field trip into the Whisperer’s camp in The Walking Dead episode 912 revealed a lot about how they live and how Alpha keeps control over such a large group.

Henry almost got himself killed on The Walking Dead last week but he did manage to get a very good look at the way that the Whisperers live and that information might be useful to the survivors when they go to war with the Whisperers.

The way that the Whisperers survive is different than any other group that has been shown on The Walking Dead. While they do have a sort of camp where they can eat, rest, and sew their disgusting masks the camp is highly mobile and the Whisperers don’t have any kind of permanent settlement.

While their method of living seems primitive and not very comfortable there is a reason why they live this way. When the walker herd descended on the camp some Whisperers were eaten but the majority of them were able to survive by slipping into their skin masks and joining the herd. Instead of trying to keep the dead out they just go with the unending flow of walkers and drift among them until they find a new place to camp.

Living like animals, which is what Alpha said they are, is in keeping with the Whisperers’ philosophy that humanity is dead and that the next phase of human evolution is for humans to prioritize their animal instincts. Judging by the large number of Whisperers this unorthodox survival method seems to work, but is surviving without any sense of humanity really worth it? Our panelists had some thoughts about the way that Whisperers’ live and Alpha’s shocking murder of her two challengers:

Inside The Whisperer Camp

We got to see inside the world of the Whisperers in this episode. What was your reaction to what you saw from what happened inside their camp?

Sonya says:

"It was quite shocking to see Alpha kill those two people but it reveals so much about her character. The way the Whisperers live is so foreign and so outside the box that it’s fascinating. Yet I can see that from their perspective, with the mindset that they have, it makes sense to them. I can understand the thought process but I still can’t imagine ever living like that. And I can’t even begin to imagine how bad that smells."

Sara says:

"I’m completely terrified of Alpha, Beta and their entire group. Alpha and Beta have to be the most creepiest characters that have ever been on the show, and they more than proved it in this episode. The decapitation scene left my jaw on the ground. Alpha will kill anyone who she sees as a threat, and she does it effortlessly without any warning. We are in for some very dark times ahead!"

Jeffrey says:

"This episode made me realize that if was in this situation and I had a choice, I would rather die than be a member for the Whisperers. The way they live is purely animalistic and has no real long term purpose. This juxtaposes what the communities are desperately trying to do in going above just surviving to build something better. Plus, the whole process of retrieving and wearing walker skins is just horrifying."

Sarabeth says:

"The Whisperers seem to be the ultimate survivors. They live off the land and leave no trace behind. That’s probably how they have remained hidden for so long."

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