Daryl put Tara in a really bad position on The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

When Daryl rescued Henry from the Whisperers on The Walking Dead, he left the Hilltop open to attack. Is Tara ready to defend the Hilltop from the Whisperers?

Daryl’s rescue of Henry on The Walking Dead puts the Hilltop in a really bad position. The Hilltop is still reeling from the death of Jesus and Tara is trying to find her footing as the leader. She’s really not in the best position right now to try to defend the Hilltop from the Whisperers.

But Lydia told Alpha that the Hilltop doesn’t have a huge amount of weaponry and now that Lydia took off with Henry and Daryl Alpha is going to be knocking on the Hilltop’s gate again. Only this time there will be conflict. Alpha has to save face or she will end up having her own people question her leadership so she will want to make an example of the Hilltop.

Alpha is completely amoral and ruthless so the Hilltop is in real danger now that Daryl has incurred her wrath and threatened her position as the leader of the Whisperers. Tara hasn’t been the leader long enough to know how to handle such a massive threat, and there’s no one she trusts there to help her. Carol is at the Kingdom, Michonne and most of the original survivor groups are in Alexandria along with Aaron, and Daryl is out rescuing Henry and Lydia.

Tara’s best option for help dealing with the impending onslaught from the Whisperers is getting help from Magna and Yumiko, who both seem to have a lot of fighting experience and good tactical instincts. But even with their help, the Hilltop is going to be in real trouble if the Whisperers attack. Here’s what our panelists think of Tara’s predicament:

Tara’s Chances Of Success

What do you think Tara will do when she realizes that Daryl just started a war with the Whisperers, who have a lot of information about the Hilltop and their defenses?

Sonya says:

"I think Tara will realize that she’s in over her head, and I’m not sure she will approve of what Daryl did. Now that she’s responsible for the entire community I think she might feel like saving Lydia wasn’t worth risking the lives of the whole community. And I think she’s going to be unsure of how to handle this threat effectively. The Hilltop may be in trouble."

Sara says:

"I think Tara no doubt will be upset at this. However this is not the time to argue, it’s time for the Hilltop to get ready for battle and do whatever they can to protect their people. The Hilltop was already involved with the war as soon as they brought Lydia as a prisoner to the Hilltop. They should have already been preparing for battle since Alpha left their premises"

Jeffrey says:

"I think Tara trusts Daryl 100%. They’ve had a really interesting relationship these past three seasons in particular, which has given them a mutual understanding of each other’s points of view. This may be an issue they disagree upon seeing as how Tara knew trading Lydia was the only option. Still, I think Tara will realize that whatever call Daryl made out in the field is one that he felt he needed to make."

Sarabeth says:

"I’ve been trying to pinpoint how much information they really have about the Hilltop. Henry gave away some information, but technically he hasn’t been there for more than a few days himself so he might not have given her anything useful. I suspect Tara will be upset, but I also think she knows that they’re not done with the Whisperers."

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