5 questions we have about The Walking Dead 914 ‘Scars’

Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead season 9’s episode “Scars” has the potential to be one of the more emotionally charged episodes, and we have questions.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead has been refreshing and exhilarating. Thanks to the incredible work by showrunner Angela Kang and a very talented staff of writers and directors, The Walking Dead has a new lease on life and every episode has been spectacular. The March 17 episode “Scars” takes a trip to the past, and we have 5 questions about what’s coming.

What is Daryl’s plan?

Daryl decided in “Chokepoint” that returning to the Hilltop was out of the question, so he and Connie came to the conclusion that Alexandria would be a good stopover on the way to…where? The problem here is that Daryl and Connie don’t really have a plan yet, which wouldn’t be a big problem under any other circumstances. However, with Lydia in tow (and keeping her around being non-negotiable) there’s a sense of danger that will follow them wherever they got.

Is Michonne willing to help Daryl?

Michonne was there when Lydia was captured, so she knows about the girl’s involvement. But with Michonne’s dedication to the safety of Alexandria, surely she sees the risk of having Lydia there. And with a number of Alexandria residents on the way to the fair, is Daryl’s presence opening Alexandria up for attack?

Where did the scars come from?

Fans have been wondering about Daryl and Michonne’s scars for a while now. Something bad happened to them and 914 might be the chance to learn what that awful something was. What’s interesting about the scars and the way Daryl and Michonne have been acting is that they both have them and yet their reactions have been so different. While they both distanced themselves from others, both physically (Daryl) and emotionally (Michonne), Daryl seems to be on good terms with all of the communities while Michonne isn’t. Why is that?

Will Lydia’s presence change how Michonne sees Negan?

Lydia’s people killed Jesus. Negan killed Abraham and Glenn. Michonne can’t forgive or look past what Negan did, but the preview suggests that she can at least talk with Lydia. Will Michonne’s acceptance of Lydia, however tentative that may be, lead her to see Negan in a new light?

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Will there be bombshells in 914?

Oh yes. There will be bombshells. Of that we can be certain.

The Walking Dead “Scars” airs Sunday, March 17 at 9pm on AMC.