50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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37. New York

If you’ve seen the original Ghostbusters movie you’ll know that nothing gets to New Yorkers. They’re awesome people who can deal with anything that comes their way. Whether it’s giant marshmallow men or the literal walking dead, they can take it.

The problem with New York City is pretty obvious: It’s huge and it’s densely populated and there’s a lot of traffic to deal with. Remember Independence Day? Getting out of the city will be tough no matter what, and using the subway tunnels isn’t the best idea.

However, Upstate New York offers you lots of great options, from farms to suburbs to lots of open space to make your own shelter. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan lives there, so you might be able to head to his house and borrow a few bats from The Walking Dead set)

The best chance of survival in New York State is to find places that aren’t full of people. With so many people in the big city, the countryside will be a safe space if you can make it out and away from everyone. Not only will the sheer number of people fleeing make escape challenging, but the zombies will have lots of food and therefore a high conversion rate of new zombies.