50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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31. Michigan

First rule of surviving in Michigan: Find Jim Harbaugh and have him join your group. Coach Harbaugh will not tolerate zombies

Seriously, though, Michigan has a lot of history and a population of people who know how to deal with hardship. Detroit has seen more than its share of challenges, but when it comes to the zombie apocalypse the people there are tough and they will no doubt be able to fight. The car factories would make great spaces for safe havens, and the brick buildings are made to stay insulated in Michigan’s cold winters.

Surviving the cold will be the most challenging issue facing survivors. Firewood will have to be stockpiled all year long because when the snow comes it will be hard to venture out and fight zombies in deep snow. This is yet another reason a car factory would be a great shelter as it provides a great deal of space for storage and stockpiling.

Another possibility for the zombie fighters of Michigan is the use of the Great Lakes and places like Mackinac Island, which can be used to stop invading herds so that survivors can feel some semblance of safety, relatively speaking. Zombies will still come along, either from a death or through the water, but life on an island isn’t a bad idea.