50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

The Walking Dead. 701. AMC.
The Walking Dead. 701. AMC. /
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Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

24. Tennessee

Imagine being trapped in Graceland or Dollywood during a zombie apocalypse! We’ve talked about theme parks being both a great and horrible spot to be stuck, but Graceland is probably a great spot if you can keep the zombies out of Elvis’ house. If you find yourself in greater Memphis be sure to grab some BBQ sauce on the way to find shelter because it will help make apocalypse food taste so much better.

If you’re near Nashville the Grand Ole Opry could be a nice place to take shelter. Though theaters have lots of entrances and exits, the balconies could be fortified to become nice spots to sleep at night.

For those refugees looking to get away from the cities, head to the Great Smoky Mountains. (Remember to bring the BBQ sauce!) With plentiful hunting and fishing, you’ll have no end of food to keep your group fed. Just be prepared to find shelter in the mountains, far from the creature comforts you’re used to.

Cades Cove could be the perfect fit. The historic homesteads have been around for a long time, which means they are built to last and that’s exactly what you want in the apocalypse.