50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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 49. California

First rule of California: When the zombies arrive, try to avoid the 405. Trust me. From there, the Golden State offers quite a few places where survivors could get away from the zombies and stay safe. The problem, of course, is getting there.

Fear the Walking Dead revealed that as soon as the zombies arrived, the military came in and threw everyone into camps, and when they couldn’t control the scene they firebombed Los Angeles and San Diego. I’m not so sure this would actually happen, though I do agree that anyone who lives in Southern California (as I do) will agree that we see so many strange things on a daily basis that it might take time to fully realize what’s actually happening.

Central California, away from the coast, has everything you need to survive. Open, defensible space, a climate that’s idea for crops (you’ll need to hope for rain, though), less threat from fires and fewer people who you’ll see on the coast. As much as you might want to sneak into a Malibu mansion during the apocalypse, best forget that plan because you’ll be in the middle of the cities, which will be crowded.

The problem you’ll have in California is being around too many people trying to survive, and having a hard time escaping a herd because of the congestion. The roads will be blocked with cars and you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere to go. If you stick to the less populated areas farther inland, you should be good. Just stay away from Death Valley.