50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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21. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known for some great skiing, which is great when you don’t have zombies all over the slopes. The ski lifts might be useful in getting around, floating above the zombies on your way up and down the mountains. (That is, if you can run generators)

There’s also the Mount Washington Cog Railway that could be useful. While it just goes up and down Mount Washington, it could be a great way to escape zombies. Trains could be a great resource in the apocalypse, especially if you can find a steam engine.

Lake Winnipesaukee is another great place to go when the dead start rising from the grave. Though the waters are frigid, there are 258 islands that could be great places to get away from the zombies. And you can fish. Just don’t fall into the water because you won’t be able to survive the freezing temperatures for long.

The little towns throughout the state will afford places to seek refuge and pick up supplies, and since there aren’t that many people around you should be able to avoid big groups of zombies who might be on the move. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, staying in a town might be a good idea for you.