50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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18. Maine

Maine is full of natural wonders. Between places like Acadia National Park and Mount Katahdin, and even Cadillac Mountain and Baxter State Park, people who want to brave the wilderness can head to the mountains, far from other people, and thrive. Living on top of a mountain will give you a view of any zombies coming your way, so you’ll have time to either prepare for a fight or run for your life.

Portland’s Casco Bay and Boothbay Harbor are both great places to be if you want to take your chances in a boat. Sailboats don’t require motors, but you’ll need wind. Anchoring out in the bay and using a rowboat to get back and forth to land would give you a solid shelter with little risk of zombies provided that they aren’t floating.

But the real place to go in Maine is to one of the many lighthouses. Here’s the thing: Lighthouses could be extremely dangerous if you don’t set yourself up for success, especially if your lighthouse is on the mainland. You need to make sure that the zombies can’t block your exit and entrance. However, the benefits outweigh the risk, because the view of your surroundings would be very valuable. If you can fortify the lighthouse, you’re in a great position to stay safe.