50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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16. Vermont

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to stuck in Vermont during a zombie apocalypse. Vermont is full of sleepy little resort towns, and that’s what makes it so perfect. There are resorts everywhere, so even if you’re stuck on the road when the apocalypse hits, there are places to go. This is important in a state like Vermont, which prides itself on its ski trails. Even if conventional wisdom says to stay away from hotels and resorts, you’ll need a place to go when the snowy weather comes. From Smugglers’ Notch Resort to Sugarbush, and from the Stowe Mountain Resort and everywhere else, you’ll have plenty of places to choose from.

Another thing to consider about resorts is that there will be snow supplies readily available. You’ll need snow shoes and cross-country skis to be able to get around when the snow hits. While the plan should be to stay inside all winter, that’s not always going to be possible and you need to stock up with the warmest gear you can find. Trust me, you won’t regret it. And once you have it, protect it, because other people will want it.

Spring and summer will be gorgeous in Vermont, with plenty of hunting and fishing to keep the food plentiful. Learn how to preserve your meat, though, so that it can carry you through the winter.