50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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14. Wisconsin

Folks in Wisconsin will make off like bandits during the zombie apocalypse. It’s full of resources and places to go.

Let’s start with Milwaukee. While it’s the largest city in the state we’re going to look past that because there you’ll find the Harley-Davidson Museum. Anyone who watches The Walking Dead knows that Daryl Dixon can make a quick entrance and exit on his motorcycle. Sure it’s noisy, but if you need to get out quickly it’s a great way to move around. The city is also home to numerous breweries, so you can take shelter there.

Green Bay is home to Lambeau Field, which would make a great shelter if you have a group large enough to maintain it. Places like that are great so long as you can handle the perimeter to keep the zombies out.

Head to Door County and take refuge in a lighthouse (just keep the doors clear) and enjoy the cherry orchards. Having visibility and things to eat on a regular basis is always a good thing.

And since Wisconsin produces a great deal of cheese, you’ll probably find a nice supply of cheese that can be preserved for a while. Food shouldn’t be a problem in Wisconsin.