50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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10. Wyoming

Picture for a moment a group of zombies falling into Old Faithful, and then being shot up into the sky? Or how about luring zombies to Yellowstone Caldera, which is an active supervolcano? Zombies trapped in lava! That’s almost worth the price of losing civilization. Well, not really, but if civilization collapses it might be the next best thing for entertainment.

Wyoming is a fisherman’s paradise. We’ve talked about how some states are more suited for hunters and outdoorsy people. Wyoming is the place to go if you love to fish and want to survive on fish while riding out the apocalypse. Grand Teton National Park is probably the most beautiful and pristine place to go in the apocalypse.

Jackson Hole features a variety of resorts that can be used as shelters, and the state’s famous dude ranches are fenced in and can provide protection from the zombies. (Fences might not seem like a big deal but they worked for Hershel’s farm for long enough, so maybe they’ll work for you)

Wyoming is a great place to go back to nature and stay away from the cities. Just make sure you have supplies because big box stores are few and far between.