50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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6. Massachusetts

One of the upsides of escaping zombies in Massachusetts is there are plenty of places to go. The downside is that the state has more people than any other state in New England. That means that when things start to break down, you’ll have a lot of people trying to figure out what to do all around you. Best advice: Get out of the city if you can.

If you happen to be in Boston when things go down and you can’t get out, head to Fenway Park. Living in the apocalypse atop the Green Monster isn’t a bad idea. Just south of Boston you’ll find a re-creation of a Pilgrim settlement. If you’re going back to basics, learn from people who only had the basics and the museum there can tell you how the early settlers survived.

With so much coastline, it makes sense to head to the beach and find a place to set up shelter. There are lots of shacks on Cape Cod that could be reinforced to keep the dead away. And if you ever wondered what life was like living in the Berkshires, this might be your chance to take up residence in one of the beautiful houses there. With plentiful seafood, you’ll stay well fed and you can lure the zombies into the water so the sharks can eat them. Problem solved.