50 States and DC ranked by Zombie Apocalypse survivability

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44. Louisiana

Louisiana has withstood countless battles over the years, so if you’re prepared then you have a solid chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

If you find yourself in New Orleans when the zombies arrive, you’ll have a twofold challenge facing you: Surviving the zombies and avoiding all of the other people. The French Quarter is a densely populated area in and of itself, and as a major tourist destination, it’s always crowded, day or night. It’s also the place I’d want to hole up once the zombies come. The Quarter is known for its gorgeous buildings that are built right up against each other. If you can fortify the ground level, then you can build a great shelter for yourself on the upper floors, using the roof for growing food in pots. The railings can be modified so that you don’t have to travel on the ground, so find some people you like and work with them to build a little community.

If you’re not in the big cities when the outbreak hits, consider that living in the rural areas means more privacy, but it can also be a risk in terms of keeping your land clear of zombies and other people who want what you have. If you can find yourself a little island in a swamp, you’ll have some protecting, and if you can befriend a gator you might even have some extra zombie security because gators love to munch on slow-moving zombies.