Will Alpha risk a war to get Lydia back on The Walking Dead?

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

It surprised Lydia when Alpha came to the Hilltop to get her back because usually people who are taken are left behind. Will Alpha try to get Lydia back a second time? Our panel weighs in.

Alpha’s not the most loving mother on The Walking Dead. When she showed up at the Hilltop willing to trade Luke and Alden to get Lydia back it surprised everyone, including Lydia and the other Whisperers. Lydia said that when people are taken or die the group moves on as if they never existed. So Alpha broke her own rules to get Lydia back and that seemed on the surface to be done out of love. But was it?

Very shortly after getting Lydia back Alpha was willing to have Beta kill her if Lydia refused to kill Henry. Apparently she’d rather haver her daughter dead than be “weak” and she was worried Lydia’s time in captivity at the Hilltop had made her weak. If Alpha really has no love for her daughter why would she send Beta to get her after Lydia ran off with Daryl, Connie, and Henry? Why not just let Lydia go and banish her from the group?

Under normal circumstances a mother would fight to get her child back out of love, especially in The Walking Dead world where the parent has been struggling for years to keep the child safe. Any of the survivors in the communities would risk everything to keep their kids safe. But Alpha is definitely not a normal mother. Does she want Lydia back because she loves her or because losing Lydia makes her look weak? Will she even bother to try and come after her daughter a second time? Our panel has some thoughts:

Alpha And Lydia’s Complicated Relationship

Do you think that Alpha will cut her losses and move on or do you think she won’t stop fighting until she gets Lydia back?

Sonya says:

"I think Alpha wants to prove she isn’t weak, and letting her daughter run off to live with the other survivors makes her look weak. But, I also think she’s not going to waste the group’s resources unnecessarily. If she thinks that it would be too difficult or cost too many lives to get Lydia back I think she will give her up or just kill her. I don’t think she’s acting out of a desire to  have her daughter with her."

Sara says:

"Alpha acts as an Alpha. She won’t stop until she gets her way. If she can’t have Lydia within her grasp, she will cause chaos until her “pack” is complete again. There is definitely big trouble coming for the survivors if Alpha finds them."

Jeffrey says:

"I don’t think Alpha is going to give up this fight for Lydia. While I don’t believe Alpha cares for Lydia’s wellbeing or happiness whatsoever, I do still see that motherly instinct to have one’s child close by. I feel as though Alpha is willing to wage a war against our people to get Lydia back. Backing away from the mission to retrieve Lydia would make Alpha look weak, and we know that Alpha does not wanted to be perceived as weak."

Sarabeth says:

"Alpha gets what Alpha wants. She’s going to send a message to the communities and to her own people by making sure she gets Lydia back. In fact, I bet that if she got Lydia back Alpha would kill her just to make it clear that she can do whatever she wants. That’s where she is and that’s what makes her such a terrifying leader."

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