The fate of Clementine revealed in The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ep. 4

Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Skybound and Telltale Games
Clementine - The Walking Dead: The Final Season - Skybound and Telltale Games /

It’s been teased that Clementine’s story comes to an end in Episode 4 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season but what happens to the fan-favorite character?

It’s finally happened. The story of Clementine in the video game series based on The Walking Dead from Telltale Games has been released and the final moments that fans will see from Clementine and A.J. have been played.

The final episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season was released on Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2019. That means the fate of all the characters have been revealed and unless the game somehow reverses course, this is how the story will stay.

Let’s take a look at how the story ended for Clementine and A.J in the game and what led to it being that way.


At the end of Episode Three, the explosives placed on the ship detonated and the survivors were left scrambling to escape the sinking ship alive. Thankfully, Clementine found A.J. quickly and the two were able to find a way to land where they met up with Tenn.

Dealing with human and walker threats, the two created an opening for the others in their group to escape, but James helped them out of the mess only to confront them in the caves. Leaving on their own, Clem, A.J., and Tenn find one of their friends to join the group. However, Minerva meets up with them on a bridge and successfully gets Tenn to join her has a walker.

During the fight with Minerva, Clementine injures her leg and struggles to move, forcing A.J. to help Clementine get to safety while their friend goes ahead. The pain gets worse and while hoisting A.J. to a ledge away from walkers, she is bitten on the leg.

A.J. leads Clem to James’ barn where they finally find some safety. She asks A.J to kill her or let her turn into a walker. A.J. raises his ax and swings it at Clem.

Later, it is revealed that he did not kill Clementine. He was able to amputate her leg before the infection spread and survived to be back at the school on crutches.

It’s nice to see the game end on a happy note, but it does feel a little misleading that Clementine didn’t meet her doom. Fans of the series have to be happy to see her live on though since she is absolutely adored by gamers everywhere.

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