The Walking Dead: Alpha’s wrath is far from over

Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Samantha Morton as Alpha - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

“The Calm Before” was an emotional episode of The Walking Dead. Alpha purged some beloved survivors to assert her authority, but her wrath is just getting started after her encounter with Lydia.

During season 9 episode 15 of The Walking Dead titled “The Calm Before”, Alpha took out a few survivors and disturbingly started to sing the infamous Lydia song while she scalped Hilde after an ambush. Alpha made it clear that she has a need to be connected to her daughter always, or things will get worse.

The Whisperers leader disguised herself as a survivor and took a tour of the Kingdom during the fair and even interacted with Ezekiel. The enigmatic survivor tried to manipulate Lydia back into her control, and she showed hints of being broken with Lydia’s newfound strength to overcome her.

Alpha made a demand for respect in regard to territories and revealed the largest herd in the history of The Walking Dead. Later, Daryl and others found out about the boundaries set by the Whisperers to separate their land and other communities. The evil landmarks consisted of Tara, Enid, Henry, and other survivors’ heads on pikes as the border.

The more emotional Alpha gets, the more gruesome her actions. It is not a coincidence she put the heads on the pikes after Lydia stood up to her. She expects them to fall in line after killing ten of their people as a warning to the communities. It’s the same method of emotional terror to manipulate as she did to Lydia, but on a new evil level.

The leader of the Whisperers has rocked the boat, and it seems even her most faithful Beta is befuddled by her recent decisions. It’s the first time Beta and Alpha seemed to not be on the same page. Beta has been stabbed, fought, had lots of people killed, and thrown down an elevator shaft just to hear Alpha has changed her mind about Lydia…and that seemed to bother him.

Alpha for the first time showed actual human emotion shedding a single tear after she uncharacteristically turned Beta away. She held herself together just long enough for Beta to walk away. She killed a Whisperer after he witnessed the lapse of her emotions in fear of being viewed as weak.

The leader of the Whisperers is trying to keep it together, but this is the longest she has gone without Lydia by her side, and it is only going to get worse from here on out. Even though Alpha was very abusive to her daughter, there is a strong connection that seems to bring a human side out of Alpha.

The emotions that are being felt shows she is not a completely emotionless glassy-eyed killing machine, but she is a leader feeling emotions, There are no limits of what she is capable of without her knife-wielding pride and joy by her side.

The people in immediate danger are not the communities, at least not yet. Alpha has lots of followers and it is clear that whether it is a challenge or to kill someone witnessing her tears, her own people are at greatest risk. out of anyone and are the true losers in this situation with Lydia.

Alpha’s tears may quickly turn into rage and cloud her judgment causing her right-hand man Beta to step in.  Beta is not thrilled after going through so much pain just to serve Alpha’s wishes to have her daughter back. It is clear her toleration level is extremely low and the feeling may be mutual with Beta.

The rules of a challenge for her authority may cause even more of a rift within the Whispers once Daryl and others decide to invade their land in retaliation for what Alpha did. There will be more bloodshed of her own people, and questioning of Alpha’s authority forcing her to raise the stakes higher each time.

Nothing is predictable, and Alpha seems to be on the road to a complete meltdown. An invasion by Daryl and others will surely send her over the edge and forcing her to unleash the herd and force her to use higher, emotional, and inhumane measures that will not only kill people of the communities but a lot of her own too.

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The deaths of so many survivors have placed them in a hard place, and it is clear they can’t let what happened slide. Carol lost her son, they all lost friends, and Hilltop lost yet another leader to the Whisperers. Stay tuned this Sunday for the season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC to witness the storm.