Fear The Walking Dead season 5 trailer breakdown

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The Fear The Walking Dead trailer for season 5 is here and reveals a lot about what’s coming up in the new season.

Fear The Walking Dead season 5 will premiere in just a couple of months on June 2nd. Today at WonderCon the trailer for season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead was revealed and it provides a lot of clues about what fans can expect to see in the upcoming season.

It was already announced that Dwight will be crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead in season 5 and it was great to see Dwight show up in the trailer and for Morgan and Dwight to meet. But Dwight isn’t the only familiar face in the trailer. Daniel Salazar is back and he comes face to face with Victor in the trailer for season 5.

There are a lot of really horrific looking walkers scattered throughout the trailer so it’s safe to say that even though the FearTWD new season is way behind the original The Walking Dead in time the walkers are still deteriorating and looking pretty gnarly.

The group ended last season on a positive note when they decided to stay local, take up residence in an old factory, and do whatever they could to find people that were struggling in the area and help them. The group felt like now that they’ve really learned how to adapt and survive they should be sharing that with other people and helping them survive. But in the trailer for season 5 it looks like their optimism is going to be tested as they confront people who are suspicious and not really wanting their help.

Check out the Fear The Walking Dead season 5 trailer as shared by AMC on YouTube and then let’s break it all down:

A Group On A Mission

The trailer starts out with Sarah, Wendell, Morgan, Strand, Alicia, Al, John, June, Luciana, and Charlie driving as Morgan announces on the CB radio that if anyone can hear them the group is on their way to help those that need it. Al is driving her SWAT vehicle. But it seems like things don’t work out the way they planned.

There is a pile of burned walkers, and a shot of Alicia with a bandaged hand looking very tired. In a daylight sequence, Morgan says that they have been helping people for a while and haven’t had much luck. That indicates that the group might not be receiving the warm welcome from other survivors that they thought they would get. There are some new characters that look wary of the group and definitely don’t trust them.

Savior Tricks?

In a few shots, there are very familiar looking methods of warning people off and keeping walkers away that may be Dwight’s handiwork. One shot is of walker heads hanging in a tree. Another shot shows walkers chained together across a road, very similarly to the walker chain that the Saviors used several times on The Walking Dead.

The Plane

In one part of the trailer there’s a small plane in the air that starts to crash. But the fact that the plane was airborne at all this far into the apocalypse is remarkable. FearTWD is way behind The Walking Dead at this point but they’re still well into the apocalypse now because the two timelines synced up after All Out War.

Victor And Daniel

On a lighter note, the speech that Strand gives to Daniel is 100% Strand talking to keep himself alive and doing what Strand does best. Daniel, with a gun pointed right at him, tells Strand that he still talks too much. It’s going to be wonderful to have Daniel Salazar back in the mix although he is sure to be upset when he finds out what happened to Madison. He and Madison had a good relationship.

Tough Times And Tough Missions

The trailer is spliced with scenes of tense action showing that the group is going to have some difficult times this season. They have dangerous faceoffs coming with walkers and with other survivors. But their relationships within the group seem strong. There are scenes showing Al, Luciana, and others injured or in serious trouble. There will be no lack of action this season judging by the trailer.

Building Community

There will be some lighter moments. It looks like they adopt a cat, or a cat adopts them. There are shots of children reading and playing, and the group gathered together. Morgan and Dwight find each other and that moment is great to see when they recognize each other. Morgan’s smile is infectious and genuine. There are also some sweet romantic moments for John Dorie and June, which is what everyone wants to see.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 5

Fear The Walking Dead looks like it will have the same gritty look and the same Western-style that it had last season in the soft reboot. And it will continue the character and story development that set Fear on a new path in season 4. Based on the trailer for season 5 it looks season 5 could be the best season of the show yet. Fear The Walking Dead season 5 kicks off on Sunday, June 5th.