Steven Yeun to appear on The Twilight Zone on April 18

Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone has been generating a ton of buzz. This week’s all-new episode features The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun.

The Twilight Zone reboot has been very well-received by critics and fans alike, and this week’s all-new episode features The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun as a mysterious traveler who arrives in a small town and causes quite a stir. Yeun’s episode, “A Traveler,” also stars Greg Kinnear and will air April 18 on CBS All Access.

Just as Rod Serling’s original version of The Twilight Zone used science fiction and fantasy to tell stories of the mystical and fantastic with real world lessons, Jordan Peele’s reboot has so far stepped up to the plate with chilling stories that drive home very important lessons for today’s viewers. In the first three episodes there have been stories involving the price of fame, the dangers of racial profiling and rising above police brutality.

The trailer for “A Traveler” paints Yeun as a mysterious visitor who captivates a small town until things start to get strange. Here’s the trailer:

At first glance it looks like Yeun might be more than an out of town visitor, with his origin from somewhere much farther away. Is he an alien? Maybe. There’s something mysterious about his arrival, to be sure, and his confident smile and slight swagger suggest he knows something but isn’t letting on.

Naturally, given that this is The Twilight Zone there will be some kind of lesson involved in this story and it might be that you can’t trust strangers…or that maybe you should. This is The Twilight Zone, after all.

With any luck, we’ll see Steven Yeun in The Twilight Zone again in future episodes. Serling’s series featured many actors making return appearances and it would be great to see some of Peele’s cast taking turns in different roles throughout the series as well.

“A Traveler” will be available at midnight local time on Thursday, April 18 to subscribers of CBS All Access.