Black Summer could help The Walking Dead fans during AMC’s hiatus

Black Summer - Netflix
Black Summer - Netflix /

With season 9 of The Walking Dead ending and season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead not starting yet, the Netflix show Black Summer might fill the void for fans.

One of the toughest times for fans of AMC’s zombie survival drama shows is that period of time when neither show has new episodes and those in need of an undead fix are forced to rewatch their favorite episodes set in The Walking Dead universe.

However, there are still plenty of zombie alternatives out there. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others, many great shows featuring flesh-eating monsters are at the fingertips of fans.

One such release hit Netflix on Apr. 11 and has quite a few people talking. Titled Black Summer, the show is set in the same universe as Z Nation but has a significantly different feel from the former SyFy fare.

It’s nice that the high camp factor isn’t present because it opens the door for the stories of multiple survivors during the initial stages of the outbreak to be told without being distracted by attempts at comedy.

After finishing watching the season, it’s clear that the action of fast-moving walkers can be intense and being on Netflix allows for more freedom in content. And while it doesn’t match the level of characterization, production value, characterization, and storytelling of AMC’s zombie dramas, it definitely hits some of the right notes to be entertaining and interesting.

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If you can overlook some of the show’s flaws and temper your expectations, Black Summer has quite a bit to offer fans of The Walking Dead and other zombie shows or movies. The eight-episode season flies by pretty quickly, but it should help those wanting to take a bit out of some undead drama during AMC’s hiatus.