The Walking Dead: Will spring be sprung in Alexandria?

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Throughout The Walking Dead season 9 Alexandria was a community of plenty, but will the harsh winter storm prevent a bountiful season 10 harvest?

Season 9 of The Walking Dead presented a tale of the highs and lows between the remaining communities. The Sanctuary had fallen early on and by the end of the season the Kingdom fell, too. Alexandria and the Hilltop seemed to be doing pretty well until that winter storm arrived in the season finale, which begs the question of how plentiful the crops will be come springtime.

In the world of The Walking Dead it doesn’t matter how nice your shelter is. Whether it’s a cardboard box or an abandoned mansion, nothing matters if you don’t have enough food to eat. And when you have to worry about feeding an entire community years after the start of the apocalypse, long after canned goods have run out, it will be the top priority – second only to avoiding the undead.

After the harsh winter storm that sent the communities scrambling to avoid the freezing temperatures, all that’s left is to wait for the winter weather to wane, giving rise to the sunny skies of springtime in Virginia.

Unless the communities have been working to store food, perhaps through canning or preserving their crops, it’s going to be a rough road when the snow melts. The crops will be gone, which could pose a problem if they haven’t prepared for the winter months. The audience hasn’t seen how the communities have adapted for the weather over the years; the blizzard at the end of season 9 was the only time winter weather has been depicted, though rough winter weather has been alluded to in earlier seasons.

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Hopefully the residents of Alexandria and the Hilltop have seeds tucked away to plant when the ground thaws, and let’s hope that there is food stored somewhere because a lack of food could be a huge problem for the survivors. After everything that these people have been through it would be a shame to see them come this far only to face a catastrophic famine at this point.