The Walking Dead fan guide to visiting Senoia

Nic and Norman's restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp)
Nic and Norman's restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp) /
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Summer is a great time for The Walking Dead fans to visit Senoia, Georgia. If you’re planning a summer trip to Senoia here’s where to stay, eat, shop, and tour.

The Walking Dead recently started filming for season 10 in Senoia, Georgia. While filming sites are of course restricted there is a better than average chance that you may see some of the cast in Senoia during the filming season, especially if you are hanging out at some of the many Walking Dead themed shops and attractions in Senoia.

Senoia may be best known as the  home of The Walking Dead but lots of productions have filmed in Senoia over the years. You can find the title of productions filmed in Senioa embedded in the concrete on the sidewalks on Main St. if you look for them. The best place to start your trip is in downtown Senoia, which was the setting for “Woodbury” in season 3 of The Walking Dead.

The Alexandria Safe Zone set, also known locally as the Gin Property, dominates the area at the bottom of the hill that Main Street sits on. The corrugated walls hide all but the tops of the houses and the filming that take place inside but you can see the gate, the guard post, and the large windmill over the top of the barricade as well as some of the other set pieces. If you want to immerse yourself in The Walking Dead universe on your vacation this year here are some of the places that can make your vacation unforgettable.