The Walking Dead fan guide to visiting Senoia

Nic and Norman's restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp)
Nic and Norman's restaurant in Downtown Senoia. (Photo by Jeffrey Kopp) /
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The Walking Dead Tours

There are many different The Walking Dead themed tours that you can go on in and around Senoia that will take you to some of the past and present filming locations. We took a more in-depth look at all of the tours here.

Local tours at the Esco Feed Mill site and tours in and around downtown Senoia are a lot of fun and very inexpensive. The downtown Senoia tours are mostly walking tours so keep in mind that it can be very hot walking around in the Georgia summer sun.

The biggest tour on the list, The Walking Dead Studio Tour,  is the most comprehensive tour. It takes visitors to locations like the Heaps, the Kingdom, and inside the walls of Alexandria.

Originally the tours were only going to be held until the end of March because season 10 filming begins in May. However, dates are currently available through the end of July. Please keep in mind though that you may not be able to visit a particular location on your chosen day if that site is needed is for filming.

Self-Guided Tours

You can tour your way through some of the most iconic filming sites in and around Senoia if you prefer to go on your own. The Woodbury Shoppe and other local shops have guidebooks that list all the filming sites that are public and how to find them. If you are doing a self-guided tour please remember to be respectful and don’t hold up traffic as you’re visiting the locations. If you see signs saying “Do Not Mow” in some locations that means they’re being prepared to be used as filming locations again so look for the “Do Not Mow” signs around town!