Fear the Walking Dead releases fun new season 5 teaser

Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Who says you can’t laugh in the apocalypse? The cast of Fear the Walking Dead have a lighthearted moment in a brand new season 5 trailer.

Fear the Walking Dead is back for season 5 on June 2 and the excitement for the new season is building. AMC released a new teaser featuring the entire cast and some new faces. There’s lots of tension in the new teaser that also comes with a surprisingly lighthearted moment.

In this new look at season 5, the entire team is together in the woods, standing together in a circle as a possible threat approaches. When the “threat” reveals itself it’s a bit of a surprise.

Take a look:

While the teaser has a definite tongue-in-cheek feel to it, it serves an interesting purpose: It gives everyone a chance to show their weapons of choice. Morgan has his staff, John has his guns, Al has her blades, Luciana has a rifle, Charlie has a knife, Alicia has her pipe, Strand has a gun and it doesn’t look like June has a weapon but she looks tough anyway.

At the end of the trailer Morgan can be heard saying that they’re there to help, but will their help be welcomed with open arms?

The teaser is also a reminder that season 5 will feature quite a few kids. Three kids have been added to the series and there are probably more yet to come. While we’re not sure what the kids are doing there, we do know that it will be an interesting twist. (Let’s hope they’re not feral kids, as we saw with Jocelyn’s gang on The Walking Dead season 9)

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Season 5 will also see the return of some familiar faces as Ruben Blades’ Daniel Salazar returns to the group and Austin Amelio’s Dwight crosses over from The Walking Dead. The stakes are higher than ever in the new season with new threats, more drama, bigger dangers and a cat.

Fear the Walking Dead returns on June 2 at 9pm on AMC.