The Walking Dead Opinion: Why Maggie’s return will be controversial

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Gallery- Photo Credit: Victoria Will/AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Gallery- Photo Credit: Victoria Will/AMC /

The Hilltop community expanded and became greater under Maggie’s leadership during the first half of season 9. After Maggie left, Hilltop suffered great losses in leaders and community members. Maggie’s return may be the most controversial segment on The Walking Dead because of what Hilltop lost.

During season 9 of The Walking Dead, Hilltop was going through leadership changes after the death of Gregory. The Hilltop showed themselves as the biggest provider and displayed major improvements, but Maggie left. Maggie’s decision to leave was an oddball decision that may have unintended repercussions when she returns.

After Maggie left, it led to uncertainty and instability within the community. Jesus was a leader who didn’t even want to be a leader. Tara was trying to hold it together, but things slowly began to fall apart which put everything they worked for at risk.

So many deaths happened that shook Hilltop to its core including Jesus, Tara, and Enid. Enid was there for Maggie through the worse times and stood by her side to keep her safe. Tara and Jesus were there as support during the Gregory days. They are all dead and Hilltop went through the worse disaster since the war with Negan.

There will always be death, but Maggie not being there as the leader to keep them together and help them move makes it harder. Since she wasn’t there to be the glue to hold the foundation from crumbling, Hilltop depended on other community leaders and each other.

The new survivors of Yumiko’s group make the situation more interesting. Their residency was at risk with Michonne being hesitant to be in Maggie’s presence. Michonne only escorted them to Hilltop when Siddiq shared the news that Maggie isn’t there anymore.

Yumiko’s group trusts Michonne and the rest of the community but may not have a good initial reaction when coming face to face with Maggie for the first time. All they know is that there is something about Maggie that made Michonne hesitant to set foot in Hilltop again.

They may never forget that Maggie almost cost them residency and may not trust her since Michonne seemed uncomfortable with the idea of being around her. It may even lead to an outspoken Magna poking until she gets answers, just like what she did to Michonne when they first met.

With all they have gone through and all they have lost, why would they automatically allow Maggie to reclaim her role as leader of Hilltop? With all Hilltop has lost at the hands of Alpha in the midst of instability could have some residents pointing their fingers at Maggie.

Maggie was not perfect and made mistakes, but she was the leader Hilltop needed. People she loved and depended on are dead and the grieving community may not have a positive initial reaction to Maggie returning after they have gone through hard times without her being there.

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When The Walking Dead returns in October, Maggie will be faced with more criticism and scrutiny than she has ever faced, but it may be nothing compared to when she learns about the new enemy they have had to endure while she was away. You won’t want to miss the encounter when Maggie returns in season 10.