The Walking Dead season 10: Norman Reedus posts set photo

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Norman Reedus got The Walking Dead fans’ hearts racing on the first day back on set with a picture of Carol and Daryl’s chairs in a woodsy location.

The Walking Dead started filming season 10 on May 6 and that means cleverly vague pictures from the set are showing up from members of the cast. One such picture is from Norman Reedus and it features two chairs sitting side by side on location. The chairs themselves aren’t interesting save for one key detail: They belong to Carol and Daryl.

Norman Reedus is a social media master with one of the most fascinating Instagram accounts out there. When he’s not posting pictures from The Walking Dead or Ride with Norman Reedus he’s posting heavily filtered pictures of his baby girl, or he could be posting fan art that catches his eye. He’s also known for posting very random images of random things.

In this case, though, Reedus seems to be celebrating the first day of filming with a picture that not only gives a nod to Carol and Daryl, but it also celebrates the fact that he and Melissa McBride are the only two actors from season 1 left.

One thing that’s worth noting about the location of the photo is the fact that it resembles the woods where Carol picked Daryl up in season 9’s “Stradivarius.” Though there’s no way of knowing what’s happening at this point, based on the picture it appears that winter might be over for the survivors and it’s time to pick up the pieces.

Naturally, fans are eager to learn how Carol is doing in season 10 after her marriage to Ezekiel deteriorated following Henry’s death in season 9. Husband and wife were stricken with grief and as is so often the case the grief was too much for the marriage to handle.

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Though there’s always the possibility of a reconciliation, for now Carol has chosen to take refuge with her friends in Alexandria. Then again, she might turn to the one person on the planet who understands her the most, and that’s Daryl. There’s no denying her affection for Daryl and Reedus no doubt knows that his photo will inspire lots of conversation about their future in season 10.

What’s in store for Carol and Daryl in season 10? Tune in when The Walking Dead returns this fall!