Exclusive video: Fear the Walking Dead ‘Greetings from the Set’

In this exclusive video debuting on Undead Walking, the Fear the Walking Dead cast and crew has a special message for fans ahead of the show’s season 5 premiere on June 2.

The cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead have a special message for fans ahead of the season 5 premiere. They’re back in Austin and they’re ready for a new season that promises bigger thrills, new faces, more questions about what’s out there and hopefully some answers.

Fear the Walking Dead returns on June 2 and if the action-packed trailer is any indication this is going to be the biggest season ever. When fans last saw the crew from Fear the Walking Dead at the end of season 4 they were rolling out on a mission to help people. Season 5 sees that mission realized, but the problem is that people don’t always want help and that’s an unexpected roadblock.

In this exclusive “Greetings from the Set” video the cast welcomes viewers to the new season:

After a welcome from John Dorie, Mr. Garret Dillahunt himself, the video features Lennie James, Jenna Elfman, Gale Anne Hurd, Ian Goldberg, and Alycia Debnam-Carey talking about returning to Austin to bring season 5 to life.

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd talks about how returning to set ahead of the new season is like a high school reunion and with so many members of the cast gathered in one place, as opposed to being strewn across the Texas countryside as we saw after the storm, it must be a lot of fun to have the gang back together.

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In addition to the principal cast, this season fans will meet quite a few new characters. Karen David, Bailey Gavulic, Ethan Suess and Cooper Dodd are among the new faces, but we have to wait to see where they fit in the story. After all, you never really know about kids in the apocalypse….

Fear the Walking Dead returns June 2 on AMC.

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