How the cast of The Walking Dead and Fear TWD celebrated their moms

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The casts of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead shared tributes to their moms, and all the moms out there, on their social media accounts.

It is always fun to see that the actors who make up the casts of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are just like us. They go shopping, out to eat, they drive in cars and they love the moms in their lives. Below are just a sampling of mother’s day greetings the cast shared with the world.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared much love & a little sadness that Hilarie couldn’t be with them on Mother’s day with this adorable photo of her with their two children. Excited to see what Season 10 will bring for Negan!

Ross Marquand shared a fun video greeting celebrating mothers.

In true form, Norman Reedus posted a sweet but strange homage to his baby mama Diane Kruger. Their daughter is now 6 months old. She is the first child for Kruger and second for Reedus.

Diane then proceeded to pull at our heartstrings with this beautiful picture & poem regarding motherhood. (I know she isn’t a cast member but the baby’s father is and it was just too sweet not to share!!)

Peter Zimmerman whose mother is @rszinteriors, made a shout out to all moms. Peter played Eduardo on TWD and fans are dying to find out where he is. One fan theory is that he is with Maggie and we will hopefully see the return of both of them!

Sabrina Gennarino, who played Tamiel, one of the heapsters, posted a beautiful tribute to her child and a sweet message for all mothers.

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Josh Mikel, who played Jared the character we all loved to hate, shared mother’s day wishes.

Jenna Elfman, who plays June on Fear TWD, shared a beautiful heartfelt tribute to her mother.

Maggie Grace, who plays Althea on Fear TWD, shared a cute pic of herself as a child with her mother.

Sweet sentiment from Kim Dickens to her mama.

I hope any and all forms of mothers reading this post had a very special time celebrating this day set aside just for them!

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Filming for The Walking Dead season 10 started at the beginning of May. Fans are anxiously awaiting its return in October. Fear TWD fans are counting down the days until the premiere of season 5 on June 2nd.