Fear The Walking Dead: Essential episodes season 2


Our panelists give their picks for the essential episodes of Fear The Walking Dead season 2 so you can catch up on the series before season 5 starts.

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 plunged the characters introduced in season 1 into unfamiliar territory as they tried to make sense of a world without a societal structure. Now they have only each other as they fight for survival and try to figure out where they can go that will be safe. Is anywhere safe? No one knows how far the apocalypse horror has spread and if anywhere has been spared from whatever is causing people to turn into zombies.

This season is tense as the characters try to figure out if they can trust each other and try to form a bond. There is a very real and recognizable struggle as they try to gauge how much information to share and how much to keep private until they know more about each other.

In addition to their uncertainty about each other they are grappling with the uncertainty of how to survive when they are facing a threat that they really don’t know much about.

In season 2 they also come to see that there is no communal spirit among other survivors and that each individual group of survivors is looking after their own interests and has no real desire to help any other group. Facing threats from other survivors and from the dead the group tries desperately to find a new way to live and move forward in an unfamiliar world.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Essential Episodes

What are your picks for the best or essential episodes of Fear season 2?

Sonya says:

"There is a lot going on in this season. I think the must watch episodes for season 2 are 206 “Sicut Cervus”, 207 “Shiva”, and 209 “Los Muertos”. I think those are the episodes that best sum up the emotional and physical struggles the survivors have to face in season 2."

Sara says:

"My pick is 205 “Captive”. This was one of the most shocking episodes of the season. Chris confronts some serious moral issues. Madison definitely questions his actions here, and this is so important for episodes to come in the future. It’s also a brilliantly done high-tension episode."

Jeffrey says:

"My pick is 208 “Grotesque”. It’s a bottle episode focusing on Nick that really provided him with time to reflect on all that he’s been through in his life, both prior to the apocalypse and after. He finds a whole new addiction being among the dead as he goes on a spiritual journey and a new major character is introduced."

Renee says:

"I pick episode 201 “If This Is the End of the World, It’s Already Over”. I think this episode was a good one because it takes a peek into the man that Strand is. I was very intrigued by this character. He is in charge of his world and doesn’t bend to what other want him to do."

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So if you don’t have time to get through all of the Fear The Walking Dead episodes in season 2 you can get by just watching episodes: 201,  205, 206, 207, 208 and 209 to get the highlights of the season. Follow the panelists on Twitter for all of the season 5 panels: @SonyaIryna, @WrittenBySara, @TWalkingDWorld, @IowaMamaof3, and @UndeadWalkingFS.