Fear The Walking Dead season 5 character predictions: Victor Strand

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Victor Strand has had quite a journey from season 1 on Fear The Walking Dead. Our panel weighs in on what they want to see happen for Victor Strand this season.

In some ways Victor Strand was always the person most prepared to survive the apocalypse on Fear The Walking Dead. A con man with the ability and the resources to talk his way out of seemingly any situation he was poised to be the one who stood the best chance of survival.

But after season 2 Strand’s façade seemed to crumble a bit. He seemed a little more genuine and seemed to be starting to grasp the idea that the world wasn’t going back to normal ever again. Or maybe that was just an act too.

In season 3 he was up to his old fast talking ways and tried to talk his way out of some tense moments with Daniel Salazar. But Daniel’s know what kind of person Strand is from the beginning. He knows that Strand isn’t to be trusted. Madison was really the only one who really trusted Strand. He and Madison had a great camaraderie because each one clearly saw who the other one was, seeing past the facades to see the strength that they both had. They respected each other.

But that respect wasn’t enough to keep Strand from stashing a car and supplies for a quick getaway in season 4. Strand always had one foot firmly out the door in case things went bad. That seemed to change after Madison’s death and he seemed to commit to Alicia, Luciana, and the others. Was that genuine? Our panel has some thoughts on what they’d like to see for Strand in season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead:

Victor Strand, The Ultimate Survivor?

What do you think will happen for Strand this season? What do you want to see from Victor?

Sonya says:

"I am very much looking to seeing Daniel and Victor interact. Daniel sees right through all of Strand’s BS and Strand knows it. Strand is pretty adept at talking his way out of situations but he may not be able to talk his way into Daniel’s forgiveness because he shot Daniel in the face back at the dam. I also want to see more of who Strand really is. Not the con man, but the actual man. I think he’s a better guy than he really wants anyone to know. Madison brought that out in him and I think Alicia and Lucy can bring that out in him too."

Sara says:

"I’d love to see Strand and Alicia share some more scenes together. Strand and Madison had such a close bond together, and now that she is gone, it would be great getting to see Alicia and Strand bond together. I’m also really excited to see how Strand’s reunion with Daniel will be like! They didn’t really leave each other on the best note!"

Jeffrey says:

"Season 4 showed him finally come to realize that people can in fact change, because he himself did. Strand is someone who is always planning ahead and likes to talk himself out of sticky situations, so we will surely see more of that this season. I would also bet that he will find himself in a really interesting predicament when Daniel returns, especially considering how they left things off at the end of season 3."

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