Fear The Walking Dead season 5 character predictions: Morgan

Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Will Morgan regret his decision to not take the group to Alexandria? Our panel talks about what could be next for Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead season 5.

Should Morgan have taken the others to Alexandria at the end of season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead? Considering how things turned out for the communities in Virginia it might have been the smart choice to stay where they are. But what will Morgan’s next evolution be?

Morgan’s been on an incredible journey through the apocalypse. Like Alicia, Luciana, and the others Texas made him face some of the things that he’s become and figure out who he wanted to be in the world. And like the others he’s now bonded with he decided that helping others was his purpose.

But will that last? Morgan’s always walking a fine line mentally. After seeing so much trauma and experiencing so much loss he’s constantly trying to find a way to balance the need for purpose with the violence of the apocalypse world. Maybe the purpose of helping others will help Morgan stay on the right side of that line. Or maybe it will push him over to the other side where he’s just a killing machine.

His relationship with Alicia is the most interesting of the relationships he has with the others because they are so similar in ways. Morgan sees Alicia going through a lot of the same things he’s gone through and he wants to help her not to break the way he did. Alicia isn’t always receptive to his counsel though.

Will Morgan continue to be the moral compass trying to tie the group together? Or will hardship push Morgan over the edge again? Our panel has thoughts.

What’s Next For Morgan Jones

What do you think Fear The Walking Dead season 5 holds for Morgan?

Sonya says:

"I think that when Dwight crosses over it will have a big impact on Morgan. It will kind of merge his worlds. And I think he’s going to continue to be the voice of morality in the group and kind of guide everyone gently towards the purpose of helping others. But his mental health is always fragile and I’m afraid losing one of the group he’s come to love would push him off the edge again."

Sara says:

"I’ve loved getting to see Morgan’s journey on Fear. I think he is getting a long so well with everyone. His scenes with John Dorie and Alicia are among my favorite. I really hope we get to see Morgan have more scenes with those two."

Jeffrey says:

"Throughout his time on both shows, we have seen Morgan’s various sides. He seems to be far more stable now than he was during the All Out War arc, especially since he has pretty much returned to his “all life is precious” mantra. If history repeats itself, Morgan won’t be able to remain this way forever and some horrific event will likely send him back to his violent ways. I predict that someone close to him will die in front of him or as the result of his actions, thus bringing “Clear Morgan” back full force."

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