Fear the Walking Dead star Alexa Nisenson celebrates her 13th birthday

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Alexa Nisenson as Charlie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead star Alexa Nisenson celebrated a milestone birthday and it’s hard to believe the actress who plays Charlie is only 13 years old!

Alexa Nisenson is 13 years old! The newly minted teenager celebrated the milestone birthday with some help from her Fear the Walking Dead costars. After her standout performance in season 4’s “Close Your Eyes” it’s really hard to believe that Nisenson is “only” 13!

Nisenson’s Charlie made a huge splash in season 4 when she worked as a double agent, living at the ballpark while sending inside information to her adopted Vulture family. After she shot Nick it seemed like the young girl would be on her own for sure, but she was eventually embraced by the group and offered a chance at a new life.

Nisenson shared this photo of her birthday celebration, which garnered lots of comments from her Fear The Walking Dead family:


“She’s a teenager now!” – Colman Domingo

“Happy birthday, sweetheart! We love you!” – Garret Dillahunt

“It’s official! TEENAGER” – Jenna Elfman

“Happy happy happy birthday! You are so loved, Alexa! Have a super special day!! Love, Mo” – Mo Collins

“Love these birthday pictures and love you!” – Bailey Gavulic

“Happy Birthday you beautiful, intelligent, strong, talented, young woman! So proud of you and the lady you are. May your day be showered with MANY blessings! Love you!” – Karen David

I had the privilege of watching Nisenson filming scenes during my Fear the Walking Dead set visit and she is the consummate professional, handling impromptu changes and countless takes with the ease of a seasoned veteran. Seeing her at conventions is one thing, and we know how badass she is in her episodes, but seeing her bring Charlie to life was incredible.

Nisenson isn’t the only youngster in The Walking Dead universe. Over at The Walking Dead, Cailey Fleming is one of the younger members of the cast and she just turned 12 in March. The fact that these two talented young women are holding their own in The Walking Dead universe at such young ages is impressive enough, but the fact that they’re slaying audiences with their acting while slaying the undead is even more impressive.

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Child actors are incredible. They have to balance the demands of the job with their school work, and somehow they find time to mix in being a kid, too. Clearly Nisenson is at the start of what will no doubt be a long and prosperous career, and Fear the Walking Dead fans are happy that she is part of the TWD Family.

From all of us at Undead Walking, happy birthday Alexa!