Details and 22-page sample released for The Walking Dead: Typhoon

The Walking Dead: Typhoon cover art - Skybound Books
The Walking Dead: Typhoon cover art - Skybound Books /

A big sample and more details on the upcoming The Walking Dead novel have been released to get fans hungry to see how the apocalypse is going in China.

The world of The Walking Dead continues to grow as the comic book series heads toward issue 200 and the popular AMC television series prepares for its tenth episode (134th episode) this October, and a third television series is in production. But it isn’t just the comic book universe and TV where the undead thrive.

For many years now, there have been novels based on the popular zombie franchise created by Robert Kirkman. Many of them have been done by the amazing Jay Bonansinga and have covered the events at Woodbury with the Governor. But now a new author and a new location are getting a look.

It was reported a while ago that a new novel titled The Walking Dead: Typhoon was going to be released and it would talk about what the zombie outbreak was like in China. The setting is an interesting one since that region of the world hasn’t really been explored yet in any medium.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter shared an exclusive where the first 22 pages of the book written by New York Times Bestselling Author Wesley Chu are available on their website! Be sure to check it out!

But if you want to wait, the novel will be released on October 1, 2019, and should not only have a little different of a tone from the other novels based on the franchise but it will give a lot of insight into how different areas of the world are handling the outbreak.

According to the description on Skybound’s website, the story will pick up a few months after the initial stages of the outbreak in China when cities are overflowed with the dead and smaller communities have been burned to the ground.

Here is the synopsis for the upcoming book:

"“Zhu and Elena are members of a Wind Team, responsible for scavenging supplies and materials needed to sustain their settlement: the Beacon of Light. Elena, stranded in China during the walker outbreak, longs for news of her Texas home as she tries to adapt to life in a foreign culture while surviving the millions of dead roaming the countryside. But when Zhu discovers survivors from his home village hiding in the wilderness, he is torn between his love for Elena, his duty to the Beacon, and his devotion to his friends and family.”"

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That is an interesting dynamic that will be addressed in the upcoming novel. Not only that, but the new characters and new situations should be quite entertaining when The Walking Dead: Typhoon hits bookstores on October 1, 2019.