The Walking Dead season 10 prediction: Lydia will prove she’s a strong survivor

Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Lydia was under her mom for a good part of season 9 but showed signs of unraveling emotionally after she broke away from her mom. When season ten of The Walking Dead returns in October, Lydia will surprise everyone, even herself.

When Lydia was first introduced on The Walking Dead, she showed the trauma she has experienced at the hands of Alpha. Later in the season 9 finale “The Storm” she showed signs of self-doubt being away from her mom. Lydia will surprise herself with how strong she truly is when season 10 premieres.

She was being manipulated and was indoctrinated with what her mother told her. She was heading down a similar path that has been seen with young hardened survivors such as Lizzie and what Rachel of Oceanside used to be in her younger days.

The young survivor offers an interesting perspective that differs from everyone else. Whether it’s eating bugs to keep her strength up or using the walkers as part of a strategy. It will be a look at her tendencies as a survivor and if it may be disturbing to fellow survivors.

When season ten of The Walking Dead comes back, it’s also worth noting that she will be around influential people who can bring the absolute best out of her such as Carol and Daryl. Two people who have brought out the best in many young survivors in the past.

Lydia has fully embraced the world for what it is and will probably be a continuous reminder. The young survivor throughout season 9 had zero hopes for the Hilltop and what she said was echoed by Alpha in the episode “The Calm Before”.

Lydia’s underrated quality of being a realist could potentially keep people alive if they trust her. The young survivor has surely picked up some of Alpha’s tendencies as a realist and hopefully will not be a pessimist like her mom is when it comes to the state of the world.

This world is all Lydia knows and only a few like Judith can relate to that. The survivor seems to not fully be aware of what she is capable of, which could potentially be dangerous for others who cross her path with bad intentions.

Her comfort level with the state of the world makes her valuable. Lots of survivors throughout season 9 still showed signs of discomfort the first and second half of the season, which even led to deaths or a cautious Michonne taking a protectionist approach.

Throughout season 9, Lydia’s nerves were more anxious while being locked in Hilltop’s cell more than her time out in the open. She may not even be comfortable still and have to spend time on the outside for long periods of time and does not get too comfortable and at the same time not fear the world.

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Lydia’s confidence for season 10 may not be as high, but her survival skills will be on full display for the first time.  When season 10 premieres, it will be shown that Lydia may be the best survivor there, whether she knows it or not.