FearTWD: Could other familiar faces be at the helicopter community?

Sydney Lemmon as Soldier - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Sydney Lemmon as Soldier - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The mysterious helicopter group on Fear The Walking Dead has Rick Grimes, could they have other familiar faces from FearTWD and TWD?

There are many intriguing possibilities about the way that the helicopter could tie together The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. One of the most interesting possibilities is that other characters from both shows that have disappeared over the years could be at the mystery community.

We know that Rick Grimes was saved and taken away by the helicopter group along with Jadis. And earlier it was confirmed that Heath was at the helicopter community. Who else could possibly show up as members of the helicopter community? With so many missing characters on both shows there could be some interesting crossovers ahead.

If more characters show up at the helicopter group though the looming question becomes why they didn’t go looking for their friends and loved one. Are they being held at the community as prisoners? Or are they being subjected to medical testing and unable to leave? It’s hard to imagine any scenario in which Rick Grimes wouldn’t fight to leave the community, wherever it is, to get back to Michonne and Judith.

Our panelists grappled with questions about this enigmatic community this week and came up with several different characters that they would love to see brought back as part of this new group. It’s fascinating to think about what characters from both shows could show up again and how they would integrate back into the story.

The Return Of Characters

The helicopter people have Rick Grimes, and Jadis knew them, do you think that other people from both shows who have gone missing could have ended up there since the group obviously has a huge reach? What character would you like to see brought back as a resident of the helicopter group?

Sonya says:

"Well, no one’s gone until they’re gone right? Madison could be there. If Heath could come back after so many seasons almost anyone could that hasn’t already been definitively killed. I would like to see Walker and Crazy Dog again and I think it would be fascinating if somehow Troy Otto survived and showed up as part of the helicopter group."

Sara says:

"It’s very exciting to see this big connection between both shows and how it’s all getting pieced together for the future! I definitely think these characters are all at the same place. I have a feeling we might see Jadis, since clearly she knew this group before she met Rick Grimes. I would be really surprised to see her in Fear!"

Jeffrey says:

"I definitely think the helicopter group may have captured other missing characters. Angela Kang confirmed that Heath was taken by them, so I think he may pop up in the films. I also have a strange feeling that Sherry may have been taken or that she is at least on the run from them. As for characters I would like to see brought back as a members of the group, I would say Qaletaqa and Crazy Dog!"

Renee says:

"It would be really cool if we could find out someone we have forgotten about has been there all along. Kind of like Morales coming out of the blue. But, with more screen time than that! I always wonder about Heath which I believe they have said he was taken by helicopter. Perhaps Eduardo but, Kang has said he is alive and ‘probably’ at Hilltop."

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