Will Alicia be able to get through to Annie on Fear the Walking Dead?

Alicia may be the only one on Fear the Walking Dead who can convince Annie that leaving is the right thing to do.

Annie, Max, Dylan and the other kids on Fear the Walking Dead that the survivor group discovered early on this season have been getting by alright up to this point. So it’s easy to understand why they don’t want to take a leap into the unknown and leave with the group.

They have managed to make a relatively safe home for themselves by using walkers to disguise themselves from other walkers. The surroundings are familiar, and they have some supplies although it’s not known how long they can last on what they have.

But more importantly, this location is their last connection to their parents. This is the safe spot where their parents told them to go. Even though they know their parents are gone to kids who are alone and scared there’s going to be a sense of safety in that even if it’s just an illusion of safety.

However, Alicia was right when she told Annie that part of keeping her promise to their parents means moving when necessary to keep the kids safe. As Alicia, Charlie, and all the others have learned the hard way in The Walking Dead world there is no real safe place. Communities always fall sooner or later and part of staying safe is being ready to go at any point. Will Alicia be able to get Annie to understand that? It seems like Dylan already understands it but Annie is a tougher sell.

Can Alicia Get Through To Annie?

It seems like Alicia and everyone else on Fear the Walking Dead really wants to help the kids find a stable life again. Do you think that they will be able to help them?

Sonya says:

I’m not sure. Alicia has really tried to connect with them through their mutual experience of trauma but Annie is so guarded she’s just not letting Alicia’s message in. I think she’s trying really hard to figure out what the best thing to do is but she’s terrified so she really just wants to stay still in one place to try and figure things out. But they don’t have the luxury of time to do that. They have to make a move. The kids are not going to be able to survive out there alone.

Sara says:

It seems like these kids are struggling, but it looks like they don’t want to be helped. They are dealing with the tragic loss of their parents, and I think it has been hard for them to move past that. Maybe Alicia can come through to them since she is also dealing with pain from losing her mom.

Jeffrey says:

I think some of the kids will be helped, but only the ones who want to be helped. It really seems as though Dylan wants to be part of the crew, and Max seems to as well to some extent. I don’t think Annie will be convinced, and the group’s efforts may just keep pushing her away even further. It would be great if the children ended up becoming part of the group, because they definitely seem to be able to handle themselves and can contribute to the greater good.

Renee says:

Yes, I feel something bad will happen making the kids see that they do need Alicia and her crew to survive.

Ethan says:

I do think that eventually the kids will give into Alicia. Although it sounds dark, it would be interesting to see Alicia take the kids in and what the kids were so afraid of happens. Some of the kids die, changing Morgan and Alicia to realize that not everyone needs helping or want it and sometimes it can get them killed.

Sara L says:

I think potentially they might be able to help some, but I think what will cause the children to stay with the group is something very negative that will get some of the children killed. A bad event would certainly make them feel vulnerable and turn to the help of our group.

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