Is the factory a lost cause on Fear the Walking Dead?

The Fear the Walking Dead crew lost the factory early this season to Logan, who is the actual owner of it. With everything that’s happened should they just move on or fight for it?

Assuming that the survivors on Fear the Walking Dead can get out of the radiation zone and make it back over the mountains to the factory area what should they do about Logan? In episode 501 Logan was revealed to be the mysterious person they were trying to help when the plane crashed. He was luring them out so that he could take the factory back.

With everything that’s happened to the survivors since then, it might not be worth the fight to try and get it back. Even if they do manage to get the plane working and manage to get safely over the mountains they don’t have a lot of resources and they’re not really in the shape for a battle, especially if the kids do come with them.

They still have the warehouse where Daniel Salazar was living with Skidmark. That place had a lot of supplies and some serious weaponry as well as vehicles. And it has Skidmark, who has proved he’s very useful. They could use the stuff in that warehouse to mount a battle against Logan.

But is the factory worth fighting for? Or should they move on and try to find a new place to set up a safe community for themselves and for the kids, if they convince the kids to come along. Our panelists had some thoughts about what the Fear gang should do about the factory:

A Fight For The Factory?

Do you think the group from Fear the Walking Dead will ever get back to the factory or is that another home they will need to abandon?

Sonya says:

I think they should just let the factory go. It’s a good location and all that but it’s not worth fighting Logan for. Salazar’s warehouse has a lot of supplies and is also secure. I think they could use that as a base for a community, or at least a place to get the supplies to build a community. I feel like it would be taking the story backwards at this point to go back to the factory.

Sara says:

I think the group can definitely get back to the factory since I know they don’t give up easily. I think they have spent a lot of time trying to find a new base in the past, so I would hope they can still call the factory home.

Jeffrey says:

I think the group will get back to the factory eventually, but I don’t think they will be able to reclaim it from Logan’s crew. That honestly doesn’t even seem like a battle worth fighting, but we may see them try to strike up some sort of deal. If it were up to me, the group would be on the road to Virginia, but I understand their desire to stay at the factory.

Renee says:

I think the factory is the best place for them since it is set up and has plenty of room. But, if I remember correctly they have Logan and his crew to contend with.

Ethan says:

It would be a bit strange if they never got back to the factory. We haven’t seen much of Logan and i think he will play a big part doing forward. The factory was quite an interesting location and it’s a shame we haven’t seen it or explored it much.

Sara L says:

Certainly I believe that they will make it back to the factory. Logan doesn’t seem like a true villian to me, more of just a selfish person looking out for him and his people. I believe the group may try to see if they can all live there together, if that fails maybe they can make Daniel’s place their home.

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