Michael Cudlitz to direct another episode of The Walking Dead season 10

Michael Cudlitz will be returning to The Walking Dead season 10 to direct a second episode in the upcoming season of the show.

Michael Cudlitz just can’t walk away from The Walking Dead. Even though his character Abraham Ford was killed off a couples of seasons ago as one of the victims of Lucille Michael Cudlitz has remained close to the show and has directed an episode in season 9. Earlier in the year it was announced that he would once again return to Georgia to direct the third episode of Season 10.

But Cudlitz announced on Twitter that would be leaving WSC Cleveland early to go back to Georgia and direct another episode of The Walking Dead’s 10th season.

At this point in the season The Walking Dead should be almost halfway through filming for Season 10, although they frequently film episodes out of order so it’s impossible to know which episode he will be directing based on the show’s usual filming schedule.

He previously directed episode 907 “Stradivarius” which revealed a little more about Magna’s group and also had Carol going to visit Daryl on her way to take Henry to the Hilltop to become an apprentice to Earl, the Hilltop’s blacksmith.

“Stradivarius” was praised by fans and critics as a very successful directorial debut for Cudlitz. It makes sense that someone so intimately connected to the show would do a great job directing it because he know the show and the characters so well. It will be very interesting to see if he directs any more episodes in season 10 and if he continues to be part of the rotation of directors that work on the show.

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It’s going to be an exciting week for TWD fans and more information about The Walking Dead season 10 will be coming quickly in the lead up The Walking Dead panel and the reveal of the season 10 trailer at SDCC this Friday.

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