The Walking Dead, Fear TWD snubbed by Emmys yet again

The 2019 Emmy nominations have been released and once again The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead have been snubbed.

It’s official: There will be no Emmy nomination for Andrew Lincoln for his work on The Walking Dead. The complete list of Emmy nominations has been released and no one from The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead received nominations.

Once again the Emmys have passed The Walking Dead by. The AMC powerhouse, which has seen its share of ebb and flow in viewership over nine seasons, has never been nominated for an Emmy. Even with Andrew Lincoln’s powerful performances in season 9, there was nary a nom for the actor who has breathed life into Rick Grimes for so long.

It’s a darn shame that The Walking Dead has yet to receive a nomination. Obviously it would have been great to have Lincoln receive a nomination, and though there are still opportunities for TWD actors like Melissa McBride and Danai Gurira to receive nominations, it’s unfortunate that The Walking Dead has been ignored while Game of Thrones has been embraced by the award show. In fact, Game of Thrones nabbed 32 nominations for its final season.

When The Walking Dead first debuted in 2010 it would have been shocking to see a show of its kind receive an Emmy nomination. Fast forward to 2019 and we have movies like Black Panther at the Academy Awards and Game of Thrones continuing to dominate at the Emmys. In other words, the awards landscape has changed and that should have given The Walking Dead an opportunity to break into the awards sphere, but that hasn’t happened yet.

With strong performances from Alycia Debnam-Carey in Fear the Walking Dead, along with Gurira’s powerful performances in season 9 (“Scars” should be a master class) there is plenty of reason to believe that there could be Emmy nominations for The Walking Dead in the future.

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For now, though, the TWD Family will continue to support The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead until the Emmys decide to give the shows the credit they are due.

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