In The Walking Dead season 10 no one breaks Alpha’s rules

In The Walking Dead season 10, the survivors are trying to figure out how to live with an enemy that may be unbeatable.

When The Walking Dead returns for season 10 the survivors are going to be in a difficult position where they are living under Alpha’s rules. Throughout the show, they have never buckled under to the demands of a villain, at least not for very long. Negan was the only one who managed to force the group to do his bidding and it wasn’t very long before they rose up against him for that.

But now they are living within the borders set by Alpha and trying to recover from the massive human cost of crossing her the first time. It’s going to be a new experience to see the group not immediately fighting back but instead accepting the rules set by someone else.

Showrunner Angela Kang said in a recent interview with EW that when The Walking Dead returns for season 10 the group is going to be in a different place mentally trying to figure out the best way to live under Alpha’s regime. She said:

“Obviously, we know that our people have crossed the border before. The border continues to be an issue, and as with borders in our world and in life, what is a border? It’s something where one group has said, “Hey, this is the border. Don’t cross.” Our people are dealing with, “Do we live with that? Can we live with that? What does that mean?” When they crossed the border at the end of last season, they discovered that the Whisperers weren’t there, or at least they think they’re not.

But there are some pretty strange and interesting things that happen around that story having to do with those lines, and whether you can cross them, and what happens when you’re caught.”

Presumably, the Whisperers have returned from wherever they spend the winter since there is a short time jump at the start of The Walking Dead season 10. That means that the survivors are going to have to figure out how to tread very carefully as they try to visit the other communities and scavenge in order to make sure they stay within the border Alpha set. And not being able to tell a walker from a Whisperer is going to make it difficult for them to do what they need to do to survive.

Is This A Fight They Should Take On?

The survivors have never backed down from a fight. Even when the odds are stacked against them. Even though it cost them a lot physically and emotionally they manage to beat Negan and the Saviors but only because they had three strong communities fighting together. Now the communities are much smaller, and Hilltop and Kingdom have essentially been combined. Rick is gone, Jesus is gone, and so many other fighters and strategists are gone.

It’s very possible that they wouldn’t be able to beat the Whisperers. But considering that the survivors don’t take well to being ruled by anyone it’s hard to imagine that they would accept the Whisperers’ rules for long. Chances are good that they’re going to find a way to fight back, or they’re going to leave. We’ll see what happens when The Walking Dead season 10 kicks off in October.

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