Why Ezekiel’s leadership is questionable for The Walking Dead season 10

Ezekiel is known for having effective leadership with acceptance for all no matter what. There was one moment at the end of season 9 episode 16 of The Walking Dead that changed all of that.

Ezekiel has always been a man with a vision of unity for all. Living together in harmony no matter who you are.  However, Ezekiel took a different turn during the episode “The Storm”, that may change everything for season 10 of The Walking Dead.

Throughout season 9, Ezekiel stayed true to what made him unique with unity as the hope for a brighter future. His vision remained the same and it seemed the burning passion Ezekiel had grown bigger than before.

While Ezekiel’s spirit was strong, the foundation of the Kingdom was growing weak. His vision was the glue holding the pieces of the Kingdom together through the darkest hours. If it wasn’t for his spirit, the Kingdom would have fallen very early during season 9.

He still smiled despite the people he lost before the war and kept going onward for the Kingdom. He nearly lost everything during the war, yet he kept going. The loss of the young survivor Henry was enough to push him over the edge.

During the season 9 finale “The Storm”, Ezekiel confronted Daryl to stay away from Carol following Henry’s death. The king could no longer follow his own advice “fake it until you make it” and now he’s not willing to ‘fake it” to hold the peace or to move forward anymore.

It’s never easy to lose someone, and Henry was under the care of Daryl. Ezekiel’s confrontation with Daryl shows that he believes Daryl’s supervision was instrumental in Henry’s brutal demise. He always tried to shield Henry, since he knew Henry was over-ambitious when it came to an adventure.

It’s one moment that could have unintended consequences. Daryl is a key respected member and Ezekiel is a respected leader too. With the threat of the Whisperers looming, having two key figures for the respective communities having even the slightest rift is dangerous for all communities.

The communities made a pact that one attack from the Whisperers is an attack on all, the uniqueness of the situation is that there can’t even be a hint of divide among any of the top leaders for survival.

The Whisperers have made their presence felt and the last thing the communities need is a key survivor put in harm’s way because of a divide.

The Whisperers are on the same page as their own community. It’s critical that everyone, even Ezekiel, get over the blame for Daryl that’s stirring up in him because one tragedy can easily turn into another with this unpredictable group.

The days of Ezekiel being an effective leader may be over when The Walking Dead returns. There is a need for unity to overcome the threat will certainly bring doubt for even the smallest rift between survivors. Watch it all potentially unravel when The Walking Dead returns October.