Andrew Lincoln will not return to The Walking Dead in season 10 to direct

Despite earlier reports, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln will not be returning to The Walking Dead in season 10 to direct an episode of the popular show.

Cast members from AMC’s zombie shows directing episodes has been something which has been happening in recent history. Individuals like Michael Cudlitz and Colman Domingo have gone from in front of the camera to behind it on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.

It was previously stated by Andrew Lincoln in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he would be returning to the set of The Walking Dead on two more occasions, once to shadow director Michael E. Satrazemis and once more to direct an episode the following year.

Sadly, that doesn’t look like it will be happening. Although EW reports that Lincoln did, in fact, make it out to shadow Satrazemis for an episode, it appears as though season 10 of the hit AMC zombie survival drama will not have an episode directed by the former Rick Grimes actor.

While that is a little disappointing, it is understandable. Lincoln took time away from the show for his family and still has the Rick Grimes movies to make for AMC. However, hopes are that he can find the time to direct a future episode of the series when things slow down a bit more for him.

Good news is that TWD alum Michael Cudlitz will be returning to direct an episode of the show’s tenth season. This will be the second episode of a zombie survival drama series he will have directed for AMC, the first being “Stradivarius” from season 9.

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Thank goodness AMC has Andrew Lincoln lined up to do movies based in The Walking Dead universe as well as two great television shows to help fans of the series really enjoy everything the zombie apocalypse has to offer…even if fans will always miss Rick Grimes on the flagship television series.