Watch: The Walking Dead season 10 San Diego Comic-Con trailer

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer was released Friday at San Diego Comic-Con and it’s everything that the TWD Family hoped it would be.

San Diego Comic-Con has become known as the place where The Walking Dead fans get their first look at the upcoming season. Not only is 2019 the 50th anniversary of the convention, but The Walking Dead is also celebrating ten seasons.

The Walking Dead panel was everything fans hoped it would be, and the trailer was the cherry on top. There were some major announcements, casting news, and, of course, the exciting trailer for the upcoming season.

Take a look at the trailer as shared on the official YouTube channel of The Walking Dead:

AMC announced on Thursday that The Walking Dead will return for season 10 on Sunday, October 6. That coincides with New York Comic-Con, and it’s also the one-year anniversary of Scott Wilson’s passing. (Be sure to serve up some spaghetti in his honor!)

The cast of the popular zombie survival drama series has been busy at San Diego Comic-Con, navigating photo shoots and interviews. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus also found time to appear on the special Comic-Con edition of the Conan O’Brien show.

There was so much going on in the season 10 trailer that it will take fans a long time to pick apart everything that is happening. However, one thing for certain is that it should get people talking about the show! And with several jaw-dropping moments, the season 10 trailer could go down as the biggest trailer yet.

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What do you think of The Walking Dead season 10 Comic-Con trailer? Which scenes have you the most nervous or excited? How did you react to the surprisingly in-depth trailer? And which characters do you feel are in the most danger after watching the trailer? Let us know in the comments!