Michonne and Ezekiel sitting in a tree in season 10 of The Walking Dead?!

One SHOCKING moment in The Walking Dead season 10 trailer leaves us all bewildered! Is this a massive betrayal to the loyal Rick Grimes?!

San Deigo Comic-Con has only just begun yet we have gotten enough explosive information about The Walking Dead Universe to make our heads spin and hearts race!

One of the biggest moments of the event yet was the release of the completely astounding season 10 trailer. It was packed with many intense scenes, however, one took so many people by a total surprise. Michonne and King Ezekiel kissing!

This raises a variety of questions and has the fandom divided and some people are still scratching their heads. I have seen questions flood all my social media. Is Ezekiel over Carol already? Is Michonne now over Rick? WHAT ABOUT RICK?! Is Richonne no longer end game? As well as countless others. All questions are valid, this was a move out of left field that nobody was predicting and when faced with the kiss we were stunned.

So let’s begin with a dissection of Michonne and Ezekiel’s recent relationships to see how they might get to the point of a romantic encounter.

We need to talk about Rick Grimes, he isn’t dead, but Michonne doesn’t know that. At this point Michonne has been without a partner for over 6 years, she hasn’t been with anyone else even though she believes she witnessed the death of her husband.

When Jocelyn came into the picture she seemed truly happy to have a friend. She has spent years isolating herself and not allowing the option of someone new to cross her mind. So, to call Michonne a cheater or traitor is inaccurate. She is fiercely loyal to those that she loves and does have a hard time letting new people in. If you recall when we met her, when threatened by Rick and Daryl, she shut down.

King Ezekiel is a character who normally is quite trusting. He is a larger-than-life character…he is a king after all. Recently however he has lost nearly everything in his life. First, he loses Shiva right in front of him, then nearly all at once he loses his son, his kingdom, and his wife. While losing his kingdom and son are monumental things, I will be focusing on his split with Carol. During the scene where they split he tells her he will always love her, and she tells him she will never forget the fairytale. I believe Carol’s wording in that scene has a lot to do with this, so it is a very important note.

Michonne and King Ezekiel have a couple of key things in common. One, they are both incredibly powerful leaders, when they speak to their people their words carry weight and their presence moving. The next is, they are lonely, they’ve lost a lot and feel damaged. When you consider those 2 points and take the initial shock value out, it isn’t that surprising that these 2 dynamic characters have come together in this way.

Now let’s think, why can’t Richonne still be endgame? Who says this is a full-blown relationship that Michonne and the king have? We know that the remarkable Danai is leaving during season 10 and this leads me to think that maybe this kiss we saw is nothing more than a fling. Maybe it is two people just needing to feel human after all they have been through.

Like I stated earlier, Michonne has been without a partner for more than 6 years, Carol told Ezekiel she wouldn’t forget the “fairytale.” Maybe they just need to feel grounded, know they are real, know they can still feel, and build themselves back up to happiness. I don’t see this meaning a definite end to Richonne or Carzekiel.

When I think of Michonne and the king together, and my mind goes to Rick Grimes, I can’t help but think that Rick would not be upset. He was gone for a very small window during the beginning of the apocalypse, resulting in him raising a child that was not biologically his. He still found it in his heart to forgive Lori and take Judith as his own. I do not think that Michonne having a moment with someone else after 6 years would discourage him. If anything I believe that if Michonne told him that she cried every day for years he would feel bad for causing that pain. He wouldn’t fault her for having this.

I don’t think we should fault them either. These characters are human and have feelings at the end of the day. While it is bizarre seeing this relationship happen because we have the knowledge of the Rick trilogy, I will be keeping an open mind until we see the details!

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