The Walking Dead remains among most popular shows on Netflix

Although The Walking Dead isn’t the ratings juggernaut it once was, the popular AMC zombie drama is still quite popular to stream on Netflix.

The Walking Dead dominated television at one point. The hit AMC series once drew in 15 million viewers for each episode, but that has cooled off significantly and last season saw an average of around five million live views per installment.

There is one place where the hit zombie drama continues to be popular. Netflix is doing a great job providing fans with a place where they can stream older episodes of the series, whether it is enjoying it for the first time, a complete watch or re-watching their favorite episodes.

As of this writing, the first eight episodes of The Walking Dead are available on Netflix with season 9 to come at the start of September. Still, even without the boost of a new season for fans to devour, the show is highly streamable.

According to, a website which monitors streaming services, AMC’s undead show ranks 14th on the in the last week. That number should skyrocket what season 9 hits Netflix in the next few weeks, but for now, other shows with more recent episodes are ranked higher.

Netflix exclusives like GLOW, Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, The Family, Black Mirror, Money Heist, Wu Assassins, Another Life, and Dark are nine shows which are more watched on the service, but other shows like The 100, Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and The Sinner air on other networks but still make the top 15.

It says a lot that a show like The Walking Dead can be so popular on Netflix. For a show that is entering its tenth season on television, fans are still hungry to devour undead action any way they can get it. And it’s good to know Netflix will be there to help devoted viewers get their zombie fix.