The Walking Dead inspired Billie Eilish to write the song ‘Fingers Crossed’

AMC’s The Walking Dead is an inspiration for many people including musician Billie Eilish, who reached the top of the Billboard charts last week.

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Sometimes ideas will come to people at the strangest moments, such as when they are sitting down to watch an episode of The Walking Dead or The Office.

This is the case for music sensation Billie Eilish. Odds are that at some point you’ve heard at least a piece of her song “Bad Guy” (which hit number one on Billboard’s charts last week) but it was interesting to find out another song of hers was conceived by watching AMC’s zombie survival drama series, which she credits for being her favorite show at the time.

“Fingers Crossed” is the title of the track which she told Harper’s Bazaar was one of her first songs ever written.

“My first real song was about the zombie apocalypse actually, which is weird because it’s out and nobody knows that that’s what it’s about. It’s called ‘Fingers Crossed.’ I literally just watched The Walking Dead and I took little lines from it. Just watch all of The Walking Dead and you’ll find some things that are in my song and some episode titles that are in my song.”

One quick look at the lyrics of the song and some obvious quotes pop out. For example, the chorus’ haunting repeat of “everybody makes it ’til they don’t” is from Bob Stookey in season 4 episode 4 and “Too Far Gone” is the title of season 4 episode 8.

For fans of The Walking Dead, this song is a literal treasure chest of references to the television series. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Eilish is a self-confessed TV junkie, with an extreme fascination for shows including The Office in addition to loving the zombie apocalypse.

Maybe one day Billie Eilish will make an appearance on Talking Dead or write another song about The Walking Dead which appears on the show. But, for now, at least it’s nice that a chart-topping artist has confessed love for the popular zombie drama series.