Fear the Walking Dead: What does “Ner Tamid” mean?

The September 1 episode of Fear the Walking Dead is titled “Ner Tamid” and it features the franchise’s first Rabbi. But what does the phrase mean?

Fear the Walking Dead continues to expand the boundaries of The Walking Dead Universe with an exploration of human nature and the desire to help people in need. Season 5 episode 12 is titled “Ner Tamid” and it features the first Rabbi in the franchise, which is a very exciting moment as the universe continues to expand. Let’s explore the meaning behind the phrase “Ner Tamid.”

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the literal translation of the Hebrew phrase “Ner Tamid” is “eternal light”. It is also defined as “a light that hangs in front of and above the ark in the synagogue and is symbolic of the light of truth and the presence of God.”

In the episode, Charlie comes across a Rabbi who has been surviving against the odds in his synagogue. The synagogue is a beacon of hope and light in the middle of the darkness of a zombie apocalypse, making the episode’s title even more fitting.

Additionally, though this is the first appearance of a Jewish temple in the franchise it’s definitely not the first time a house of worship – or member of the clergy – has been featured. Father Gabriel had to face his demons after locking the doors of his church against his parishioners when the outbreak began, and it’s something that he’s still coping with to this day. It will be interesting to learn the Rabbi’s story and find out what happened to his congregation.

“Ner Tamid” is written by showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, with Executive Producer Michael E. Satrazemis behind the lens as the director. With this combination of heavy-hitters behind the scenes there’s no question that this will be one of the more poignant episodes of the season.

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Be sure to watch the Fear the Walking Dead episode “Ner Tamid” on Sunday, September 1 at 9pm on AMC.