The Walking Dead adds captions to teasers for hearing impaired fans

In an effort to make the world of the Dead more accessible to fans, The Walking Dead has added captions to teasers for its hearing impaired fans.

The Walking Dead has started incorporating captions into its teasers and trailers so that hearing impaired fans can enjoy the sneak peeks of the upcoming season. The move makes perfect sense given that hearing impaired actors Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory joined the cast in season 9.

Hearing impaired fans can now enjoy the sneak peeks of The Walking Dead season 10 with captions. Recent teasers and promotional videos have included captions to make it easier for hearing impaired fans to follow along. (It was also noted on social media that the captions help non-native English speaking fans to follow along with the action, too)

The quest for inclusivity among hearing impaired fans and patrons has been seen a lot during back to school season as several television commercials for companies like Target, Hormel and Marriott Hotels have included deaf actors using American Sign Language. It’s a small change that has already made a huge impact, and there’s every hope that the trend will continue.

It also helps that The Walking Dead’s Ridloff will join the cast of Marvel’s Eternals, bringing even more awareness to the importance of including deaf actors in Hollywood.

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Now that The Walking Dead has started to incorporate captions into its teasers on social media, it really heightens awareness of how much social media content isn’t accessible to hearing impaired fans. Unlike a television show, which gives the viewer the option of turning on captions, most social media doesn’t have a captions option. Hopefully this is the start of a larger trend to include captions on social media content so more fans can enjoy it.

The Walking Dead returns October 6 at 9pm on AMC.

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