The Walking Dead’s Whisperer War is more exciting than All Out War

A new promo for season 10 of The Walking Dead shows that the upcoming Whisperer War will be the best conflict story the show has created so far.

The Walking Dead is getting ready to hit a big milestone with a 10th season of the show that very few people thought would make it for two seasons. It’s become a cultural phenomenon that has spawned two spinoffs and a planned trio of feature films and judging by the previews and teasers that are starting to come out for season 10 the show is poised to deliver some fantastic stories and performances in the upcoming season.

The latest teaser release has reinvigorated the fandom and convinced even some outspoken critics of the changes that the show made after Andrew Lincoln left that The Walking Dead’s latest conflict arc is going to be extraordinary.

When the Whisperers were introduced in season 9 it was clear from that start that this conflict arc was going to be very different than the last major conflict arc with Negan and the Saviors. The Whisperers aren’t like any villain that the survivors have encountered before and they are far more deadly than anything else they have faced.

Led by the terrifying and cunning Alpha, the Whisperers have huge numbers and their disguises hide them so effectively that it’s almost impossible to tell if a walker is dead or a Whisperer or in disguise until they are attacking. That means that the upcoming Whisperer War arc is going to be more intense and more horrifying than any other conflict arc the show has done so far.

A Different Fight

When the survivors were facing villains in the past they were involved in conflicts rooted in humanity. The conflicts were about controlling resources without losing too many people. That’s because in the past even when the survivors were battling other survivors the idea that people were a valuable resource was an underlying truth accepted by both sides. As brutal as Negan’s punishments were he always has a reason for them and ultimately was a pragmatist that didn’t want to waste resources.

But Alpha doesn’t think that way. And her alien way of looking at the world and the people left in it is chilling. The Whisperers have a cult like belief that the walkers are just the next phase of human evolution. They call them “guardians” and revere them. Being killed and turning into a walker is seen as a rite of passage for them. It’s not something they want to avoid.

The Whisperers don’t want a society. They don’t want the gardens and crops and community. Alpha set a border in the most horrific possible way and when the survivors challenge that Alpha will hit back hard. She has to in order to keep her control over the Whisperers. She’s described herself and her followers as animals, and like animals when their territory is threatened they will strike back.

Fighting The Living Dead

The appearance of the Whisperers touched a very deep seated phobia that most people have of the dead. Walkers are scary and gross, but because the lack sentience they aren’t as terrifying as the Whisperers. The grotesque decaying masks with very human and intelligent eyes peering out as combined with the stilted movements of the dead causes a very visceral reaction. The survivors know how to fight humans, and they know how to fight the dead, but fighting the living dead is something new and terrifying for them. And it’s new and terrifying for fans watching too.

Next Level Conflict

This next level conflict is going to make The Whisperer War the most terrifying and exhilarating conflict arc that The Walking Dead has ever done. The previews show that the group is once again Team Family fighting together for one purpose united by one desire to survive and that’s always been the heart of the story of The Walking Dead. Even without Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes their legacy of family and loyalty lives on. The battle against Alpha and the Whisperers is really a battle of life versus death and it’s going to make The Walking Dead the cannot miss show that it used to be.

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