Fear the Walking Dead 513 recap: Leave What You Don’t

Matt Frewer as Logan - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Matt Frewer as Logan - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

The tide is turning on Fear the Walking Dead as Logan’s plans are revealed, but is he the biggest threat to the group? Here’s your recap of episode 513, “Leave What You Don’t.”

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead begins with the C+L Truck on a road. There’s a girl calling in asking for help while someone writes the message on the box. It’s Logan. He takes the call from a girl named Serena who needs help at mile marker 65. Logan knows the spot because he’s the one who left the note there.

Logan gets into the truck and calls for Polar Bear. Logan’s call sign is “Desert Fox.” When Clayton doesn’t answer, Logan gets another call from a panicked Serena. He tells her to hold on, and he starts the truck and drives off. As he drives, he can hear the walkers getting closer to the girl. He tells her to block the door. He’s driving as fast as he can but the truck can only go so fast and it’s almost out of gas.

Logan frantically calls to Polar Bear, but there’s no response. When the truck stops he gets out at mile marker 58 and starts running. But by 61 she starts screaming. She’s gone.

When Logan makes it to the truck stop he finds it empty, save for a blood-splattered sunscreen ad and a bunch of walkers devouring the remains of the poor girl. They look up at him and he quickly puts them down before leaving the Feedbag and falling to his knees in his grief. He looks out to the road and sees a group of people riding along on horseback. His expression changes slightly.

The woman on horseback asks if Logan was the one who was trying to help. She offers their condolences and says her name is Virginia, but she’s called Ginny. She wants to help. They have been watching her, listening. They want to help, but they want a bigger plan. “We can get from yesterday to tomorrow.”

Cue the credits, here we go! This week’s title sequence features a burning tanker. The lighting is low so it’s either very early or very late. But the fire is getting to be out of control.

Dylan and Max pick a mouse from a trap. Dylan grabs it and puts it into a tiny cage, reassuring the tiny creature that “they won’t eat you.” They hang the cage and undo the chains. The walkers start moving around in a circle. They’re powering the pump that’s driving the oil toward the refinery.

As the camera moves back we see the scope of the refinery. Annie is there, along with Luciana and Wendell. There are other people there, too, all with jobs to keep the place running.

Luciana is happy with the progress but Wendell is tired of his stay at Tank Town, where everyone morning his pillow looks like the Shroud of Turin. Needless to say, the refinery is a dirty place and everyone is covered in gunk. Luciana doesn’t mind the work, happy to do the job.

They hear engines revving and go to greet Sarah at the gate, but when Wendell calls on the radio there is no response and he knows it’s not her. It’s Logan and his goons.

Logan gets out to greet Luciana and Wendell. He recognizes Don and Pete from before, so they knew each other from their days when Clayton was alive. Luciana warns him to stay where he is, but Logan takes a step and tells her to push back because they can’t shoot in the tunnel. He’s there to take what he needs. All of it.

Alicia finishes her latest phoenix. She asks for Strand’s opinion and he seems to like it, but he notices that she left the radio on and they’re almost out of gas. She grabs it, saying that Wes might hear it. Strand isn’t about to hold his breath over Wes and his “people are people” philosophy. Suddenly someone calls through. It’s a young woman and she’s at mile marker 65, and she needs help.

Alicia calls John and June and tells them that someone might need help, but they’re on the way to oil fields because Logan might have found them. No one can reach Grace and Daniel, or Morgan and Al. Jacob and Charlie are on the way back to the convoy. John and June can handle Logan, which means Alicia and Strand need to take care of the woman who needs help.

Strand wonders if it’s a trap set by Logan to draw them away, but Alicia says there’s no point in keeping gas if they can’t help.

Logan looks at the walkers turning the pump and appreciates the creativity. Pete and Don say that it was Clayton’s idea, and that the walkers were bad men who are now making a difference as walkers. He reveals that he was the cut footage from their tapes that gave him a look at the books that had their location. Luciana says that maybe he’ll remember what he used to believe in after reading the journals, but he tosses them into the fire. Logan says that they are prolonging the inevitable.

Logan says he’s trying to help people, too, but not in the same way. “YOu wouldn’t have the stomach for it,” he adds. He wants them to show them how to make the gas, but Luciana refuses. Logan calls Rollie to help him start cooking, but Rollie says there is a roadblock.

As Rollie goes to open the fridge blocking the road, Sarah jumps out with a gun. Dwight points a gun at the people in the truck and says that they can use the truck to get into the oil field, so it just might have been a good thing that he let Rollie live.

Sarah fires her gun close to Rollie’s ear to signal that she’s not messing around. She says that she can’t abide with the fact that she killed Polar Bear, but she can definitely live knowing she killed Rollie. Rollie knows that there is no escaping this situation.

Back at Tank Town, Logan is in the cab of Clayton’s truck. He holds his watch and looks at a map with a thoughtful expression. There are keys on the map. What do they mean?

The fire burns bigger and brighter than before. Luciana looks at it and tells Logan that it’s too windy for a fire that big and they won’t be able to separate the oil anyway. The trucks arrive, and Sarah and Dwight get out, guns drawn. Dwight proclaims that today was the day that Rollie stops being an a-hole.

Logan says that Luciana is going to help them with the gas, when suddenly one of the walkers is shot. In the distance, John and June are there and John has his sights set on his target. He gives them a warning, but Logan says he’s bluffing and won’t kill him. Sarah says he’s right. She’s hoping he’ll listen to her. She says he’s not at the point where he can’t undo what he’s done, like she did with Clayton. There was a moment when she could have stopped but she didn’t.

Logan says he can be reasonable, and he agrees to free the kids in exchange for their work. Annie, Max and Dylan get up but they don’t want to leave. Logan offers a car and some gas, but the adults want them to leave. Sarah tells them to meet up with the convoy, and as they leave Dylan asks Luciana about the rats. She promises to take care of them.

Alicia gets another call. The girl, who refuses to say her name, says there are too many walkers to fight off. At that precise moment, the truck runs out of gas. Alicia tells her to stay safe, and she sends a message to Morgan and Al before taking off on foot.

The fire at the refinery is getting bigger and bigger. Dwight says it’s out of hand, and Luciana tries to reason with Logan. Sarah and Wendell know that there’s something bigger going on, and they’re right. Logan says that he’s hoping to help people who want to do a bigger and better job helping people. He reveals that he had been trying to help someone when they took Clayton’s truck, and in doing so he had to listen to the girl being torn to shreds. So trying to help doesn’t work. It never works.

June interrupts the conversation with a warning that they need to evacuate. The fire has attracted the walkers and they’re coming fast. As it gets darker, walkers fall into the ravine. John tries to shoot them, knowing that the noise will continue to draw them. Doris tells Luciana that they need to put the fire out but Luciana can’t stop it because it’s so big now.

Sarah helps to get Wendell out of the way. Dwight calls for their weapons because they can’t fight them off. June tells them that they have to get out of there fast. The whole place is on fire.

Logan gets to the pump and tries to keep it going. Doris tells Logan that they have a big problem, and he reminds her that they have a contract. Dwight tells them that they need the gas to keep going, but Wendell is correct that they need to be alive to do it. They decide to take the tanker and fill it up. It’s better than nothing.

The pump is barely working but Logan isn’t giving up. There are walkers coming for him, but his people are starting to turn on him, too. “Screw this!” Doris says.

Sarah gets to the truck and sees Logan about to succumb to the flames and the walkers. She gets out and leaves Dwight and Luciana with the truck with Wendell. She can’t leave Logan the way she left Polar Bear.

Alicia calls in and there is no response from the girl at mile marker 65. The battery is dead.

Sarah drags Logan into the office and he says that she only made things worse. No one is coming to help them. As they argue, the girl calls through and Logan can’t believe that he’s hearing someone from that place. He asks about the sunscreen ad and she looks around and sees it. She asks if Logan knows Alicia, and Sarah asks if he knows her, but this is why he is working with the people he is – they’re trying to prevent this. He calls through and says that the girl is on her own.

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Dwight, Luciana and Wendell are listening in on the call as Logan tells her to get the gun he left there.

John continues to fire at the walkers and June is about to kill one that is coming up behind them, but someone else shoots it. Annie, Jacob and Tess arrive to provide backup. Jacob, with his big gun, is ready to help John while everyone else moves to keep more walkers from falling into the pit.

The girl at the truck stop realizes that there’s only one bullet in the gun. Logan knows this. He apologizes, hinting that she has to kill herself. She sees the walkers outside and tells him not to be sorry. “It’s better this way.”

Logan is overcome with pain. The group in the truck listen as the doors break down. The girl aims the gun at her head, and then there’s the sound of a shot. They all look horrified to have heard this. Suddenly there are more shots, and someone asks if she’s ok. It’s Wes. He heard Alicia and is paying it forward.

Sarah tells Logan she’s sorry, but this is no reason to throw it all away. That’s why they help people. It’s “hard to get bigger than that,” she says.

The next day, the girl greets Alicia and Strand. Wes walks up with water for the girl and Alicia is happy to see him. Wes wasn’t about to listen to someone die on the radio. He compliments Alicia’s phoenix designs.

The girl reveals that she can’t stay there because the people where she’s from will be looking for her. Alicia says that they won’t find her.

Back at Tank Town, Jacob helps to clear the remaining walkers. John and June come down from the hills and Dwight wheels Wendell over. Logan comes out with Sarah and he sees Tess, whom he recognizes from the movie. Suddenly Logan’s people come out from their hiding spots and surround everyone. Logan tells her to put her gun down, but she’s ready to take it all. He says things can change, even though he promised a ticket to the “promised land.”

Logan says that things happen to make you question things, and then you start doubting things. Logan says Clayton never doubted anything, and just as he’s saying that burning the journals won’t snuff out what they were trying to build, a bullet hits him in the head. Very quickly his goons are all killed, too.

The people on horseback are up on the ridge. Soon more people arrive on horses into Tank Town. Ginny is there and she greets our heroes along with her army of men.

Luciana can’t believe she killed them, but Ginny says that they knew Logan was a liability and they don’t take killing lightly. He couldn’t be trusted.

June asks what they know about them, and Ginny reveals that they have been watching for a while, “on and off screen.” They can help each other. She says they think too small, and they convoy mostly works. Ginny says they’re like pioneers, settlers, and they’re like the outposts. They might be ruthless, but there will be people there to survive. She tells Dwight that they can help look for his wife, and they can help June find a place to live. They can even find a place for Sarah and Wendell to brew. If they can work together they can build a better world.

Sarah tells them that they can take the offer and shove it. If they won’t help make the gas, they’re not essential. She lifts her fingers to signal her people, and she smiles. Finally Luciana calls her off, volunteering to stay and help them make gas if she lets her friends go. She asks for a tanker of gas, and then she tells June to find a way to prove these people wrong. Ginny doesn’t think that will happen, but she’s willing to entertain another conversation. They’re getting bigger and bigger, so it won’t be hard to find them.

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June looks back at the oil field as they drive away. Ginny watches them leave with a smile on her face as Luciana takes a deep breath.

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